Susan Collins May Not Run For Reelection Because Of Divisiveness And “Unceasing Attacks By Dark Money”

Bloomberg reports:

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) told Bloomberg she has not decided whether to run for reelection, suggesting “dark money groups” have hurt her chances.

“The divisiveness of our country and the unceasing attacks by dark money groups in Maine have clearly had an impact,” Collins said Thursday.

“But I believe that once Mainers really focus on the race and we remind them of my being the No. 1 most bipartisan member of the Senate, and all the accomplishments that I can point to that have directly benefited the state, I’ll be fine,” she added.

Collins currently has a 45% approval rating from her constituents. The only other senator with a worse home-state rating is Mitch McConnell. Collins is arguably the most famously wishy-washy member of Congress, so don’t hold your breath about any retirement.