Scamvangelical To Hold “Spiritual Warfare” Event At Trump Hotel Due To Its High Levels Of Angelic Activity

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Lance Wallnau, a “prophetic” author and promoter of Seven Mountains Dominionism, makes his money in part as a life coach/motivational speaker. He’s now inviting his followers to shell out about $1000 in registration fees for a “spiritual warfare” gathering at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. over Labor Day weekend.

In his conference promotion, Wallnau says that Trump International “has angelic activity at a different level” than other resorts. The $997 registration fee for Wallnau’s gathering—which jumps to $1497 after July 31—doesn’t appear to include the cost of a hotel room, which is not cheap at Trump International.

And once you enter the registration process, you find out it doesn’t even include the cost of “networking lunches”—which run an extra $347 per person.

Hit the link for much more about this latest con.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Wallnau claims the MAGAbomber was possessed by Satan to make Trump look bad. Wallnau claims the Charlottesville Nazis were “paid actors” because right wing white supremacists do not exist. Wallnau declares that God killed Antonin Scalia to “wake up America” on how much they needed Trump. Wallnau “takes authority” over Hurricane Maria in the name of Jesus, orders it not to hit Puerto Rico. Wallnau claims Hurricane Irma bypassed Mar-A-Lago because Trump is under God’s protection. Wallnau releases the “Jezebel spirit” on Robert Mueller. Wallnau prays to protect Trump from witches, jinxes, and demons that jump into dogs. Wallnau prays for God to “unleash his holy sword” and smite Trump’s enemies. Wallnau claims angels literally dusted his face with gold flakes as a reward for loving Trump. Wallnau prays away obstruction of justice charges against Trump in the name of Jesus. Wallnau claims a gay bar owner was “cured of homosexuality” after eating a slice of anointed cake.