Rudy Giuliani’s Estranged Wife Claims He’s Working For Trump For Free To Screw Her Out Her Share Of Income

The Daily Beast reports:

Rudy Giuliani is providing gratis legal work for President Donald Trump to shortchange estranged wife Judith Nathan Giuliani, her lawyer said Thursday during a proceeding in their increasingly acrimonious divorce.

“Not only is he working pro bono for the president, for this individual, but it’s costing him money,” said Bernard Clair, who represents Judith. “Not only does he work for free, but all of his expenses, every time he goes down to Washington, D.C., every time he travels for the president… it comes out of his own pocket.”

Judith filed for divorce from the former New York City mayor in April 2018, after 15 years of marriage. Allegations that Giuliani has been holding out on her have been an ongoing theme of the divorce proceedings. Clair alleged in court in November that Giuliani cried poor after she served him divorce papers.

Clair claims Giuliani has a million-dollar credit card balance resulting from his free work and non-recompensed travel for Glorious Leader. Hit the link for much more.