Quarterly Reminder On JMG Commenting Policies

I’m calling this the quarterly reminder even though I keep forgetting to actually post it quarterly and not just when there’s a kerfuffle that needs immediate attention. But I’ll do better as I’ve now set a quarterly alert in my phone for the next year.

Commenting Rules

Even the most idle and “jokey” threats of physical harm to any person or property are completely unacceptable on JMG. Also strongly discouraged are expressed wishes of physical harm to others by any means, including natural ones. Please remain aware that JMG comments are often scoured by the enemies of civil equality who look for any opportunity to republish ill-considered reactions to the news reported here.

We often see more than 100,000 comments in a month and I cannot personally read but a fraction of them. Therefore I must rely on the JMG community to stay self-policing and notify me by email should any comment concern you. Be advised that in many cases these comments are posted by drive-by trolls in order to grab triumphant screen-shots for use elsewhere. You’ve been remarkably great about observing these very few commenting rules and I thank you for that.

Regarding the overnight open thread, please refrain from posting frontal nudity, explicit images from porn films that depict or imply an ongoing sex act, or any photo in which the subject is not very clearly a legal adult. Any of the above can result in JMG being banned from digital ad agencies.

And as to last week’s minor kerfuffle regarding disappearing comments, I’ve figured out how to raise the flagging limits so non-participating lurkers can’t so easily zot comments they disagree with. As always, I’m open to suggestions on how to improve the JMG community experience.