#QAnon Nutbags Granted Permit For 9/11 DC Rally

Will Sommer reports at The Daily Beast:

Believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory will head to Washington on September 11th for a rally at the foot of the Washington Monument under the ominous tagline “Q Sent Us.” While the rally’s agenda is thin so far, you can expect QAnon believers to call for Trump to make QAnon’s prophecies come true and carry out the arrest and execution of top Democrats.

The rally organizers say they’ve obtained a permit from the Park Service, and two major QAnon promoters are on board: Jordan Sather, who advocates for drinking bleach, among other things, and a pro-Trump rapper named “Educating Liberals,” because he’s constantly educating liberals.

But all is not well with the rally. The problem with holding a QAnon event in Washington is that many QAnon believers are convinced that the entire capital is riddled with Masonic symbols, especially on the Mall. That makes it difficult for organizers to find a place that has both patriotic significance and isn’t considered a symbol of a demonic cabal.

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