Proud Boys Chair To Speak At “Straight Pride Parade”

The far-right extremists masquerading as Boston’s “Straight Pride Parade” have added more of the usual suspects to their lineup:

Super Happy Fun America announces two new speakers and musical talent for Boston Straight Pride Parade.

Teresa Stephens Richenberger is Founder / Director of Rahab’s Retreat and Ranch in Kilgore, TX will be a speaker at the parade. The organization is a voluntary, faith based program serving victims of sex trafficking. Teresa is also the newly appointed spiritual adviser of Super Happy Fun America. Please give her a YUGE welcome!

Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys International, will also speak at the parade. He has been censored on social media and Chase Bank cancelled his account for exercising his first Amendment rights. Not coincidentally, JP Morgan Chase also tried to censor Super Happy Fun America by having our website removed from Bluehost.

G. Notes Justice is changing planet Earth for the better by busting tunes. He wrote the official Super Happy Fun America rap, Straight Pride, which he will perform live at the parade.

Super Happy Fun America is proving the heterophobes wrong. It’s great to be straight so save the date and don’t forget to donate.

I continue to believe this entire production is a just an elaborate troll to draw out antifa groups and others for yet another violent street clash. The Proud Boys, perhaps obviously, have been designated a hate group by the SPLC.