Nutbag Lawyer Larry Klayman Charged By Ethics Panel reports:

A Washington lawyer representing Roy Moore in one of his post-Senate campaign lawsuits has been charged by a legal ethics panel of seeking a sexual relationship with a client in 2010.

The hearing committee of the Board on Professional Responsibility in the District of Columbia has recommended that Larry Klayman be suspended from practicing law in the district for 33 months.

Klayman is the attorney of record for Moore and his wife, Kayla, in their federal lawsuit against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Klayman filed the lawsuit on the Moores behalf last year against Cohen after Roy Moore appeared on the comedian’s Showtime vehicle “Who is America?” The Moores are asking for $95 million in damages.

The Washington Post reports:

Klayman, 68, a Washington fixture whose active cases include lawsuits against Trump confidant Roger Stone and Infowars founder Alex Jones on behalf of writer and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, denied the allegations and can appeal the panel’s findings, which were contained in a 185-page report.

The panel ruled on a complaint brought by Elham Sataki, who retained Klayman in 2010 to file a sexual harassment suit against her former employer, Voice of America.

When she refused to enter a romantic relationship, he allegedly increased his compensation demands and exploited her “precarious financial position and his position as her attorney,” the report stated.

Klayman appeared regularly on JMG during the Obama years for his many failed birther lawsuits and his calls for literal revolution against the “Kenyan usurper.” Earlier this month he sued Facebook for $3 billion on behalf of loony Laura Loomer.