Nigel Farage Demands Firing Of British Ambassador To US Over Memos Dissing Trump As In Bed With Russians

British tabloid The Sun reports:

Nigel Farage has slammed the British ambassador to the US and demanded he be sacked for calling Donald Trump “inept”. Farage said Sir Kim Darroch was “totally unsuitable” to be London’s link with Washington after the diplomat blasted the US President as “incompetent” in a number of leaked memos.

The Brexit Party leader fumed: “The sooner he is gone the better.” Farage’s fury comes after Sir Kim warned Downing Street of the “dysfunctional” president before his state visit to the UK last month.

In the scathing memos, the ambassador is said to have predicted Trump’s presidency would “crash and burn” and hinted he was involved with “dodgy Russians”. News stories that painted Trump in a poor light which the US president dismissed as “fake news”, Sir Darroch reportedly called “mostly true”.