Newly Leaked British Diplomatic Cable: Trump Only Scuttled Iran Nuclear Deal Because Obama Made It

Sky News reports:

Britain’s ambassador to the US said Donald Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal in an “act of diplomatic vandalism” because it was agreed by his predecessor Barack Obama, according to the latest leaked cables.

The May 2018 memo was said to have been written by Sir Kim Darroch after a visit to the US by Boris Johnson, then foreign secretary and now frontrunner for the Tory leadership, who was making a final attempt to keep America in the deal.

Sir Kim told Mr Johnson: “The outcome illustrated the paradox of this White House: you got exceptional access, seeing everyone short of the president; but on the substance, the administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons – it was [previous US president] Obama’s deal.

Reuters reports:

The suspect behind the leak of confidential memos from Britain’s Washington ambassador, which sparked a major diplomatic rift with the United States, has been identified, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.

“They think they know who did the leaking,” an unnamed government source told the paper. “It’s now a case of building a case that will stand up in court. It was someone with access to historical files. They went in and grabbed a range of material. It was quite crude.”