NEW YORK: Anti-LGBT NYC Councilman And US House Candidate Ruben Diaz Busted In Defunct Charity Lie

Crain’s Business New York reports:

Preacher-turned-politician Ruben Diaz Sr. might be an authority on the Book of Numbers, but the accounts of his nonprofit don’t add up.

The Bronx councilman, an ex-state senator and leading candidate to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano, advertises himself on his government website as the former head of a sprawling network of elder care providers called the Christian Community Benevolent Association.

“The C.C.B.A. presently employs 1000 people and serves more than 5000 senior citizens residing in Bronx County,” the Rev. Diaz’s City Council website reads. The organization’s most recent tax returns show that it employs nobody, and its own president told Crain’s it no longer runs programs for the aging.

Diaz hung up on Crain’s when they called to inquire.

As longtime readers know, I have reported hundreds of times on Ruben Diaz’ viciously anti-gay actions, which have included leading thousands of evangelicals on multiple anti-gay hate marches through the streets of New York City.

At one of those hate marches, one of Diaz’ approved speakers cited the bible verse calling for executing homosexuals. Diaz’ openly lesbian granddaughter was standing nearby at the time.

After leaving the New York Senate, Diaz was easily elected to the New York City Council. His Democratic primary challenger in the US House race is openly gay NYC Councilman Ritchie Torres.