New Presidential Helicopter To Join DC Fourth Flyover

McClatchy reports:

The next generation “Marine One” presidential helicopter will make its first public flight at President Donald Trump’s July 4 event, two U.S. officials confirmed to McClatchy. The helicopter is not in official use yet. It is being produced by a team from Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky. In the last few months the helicopter has flown test flights around Washington, D.C., but this will be its first introduction to the general public, the officials said.

The Navy has taken possession of the first three of the new helicopters, but it will be operated by Marines once it is brought into official service. Known as the VH-92, the next generation Marine One will join an array of other advanced jets, including the VC-25, the president’s Air Force One 747, Marine Corps V-22 Ospreys, Navy F/A-18 fighters, Army AH-64 Apache helicopters and the Air Force’s signature strategic bomber, the B-2.