Netflix Legal Warns Straight Pride: Stop Using Our Logo As We’re Here, We’re Queer, And You Better Steer Clear

The far-right extremists masquerading as Straight Pride slapped a couple dozen major corporate logos on their website, proclaiming them all to be “prospective sponsors.” None of them are, of course, but Netflix stands out in their legal slap down.

First, here’s how Straight Pride is spinning it:

Super Happy Fun America reached out to Netflix with an offer to sponsor the 1st annual Boston Straight Pride Parade based upon their reputation as a progressive and forward-looking company. We believed that they would jump at the opportunity to become involved in our young civil rights movement. Sadly, we have learned that Netflix is a heterophobic company steeped in hatred and bigotry. They not only rejected our offer but threatened us with litigation if we did not stop using their name and logo, which is perfectly legal for editorial or informational purposes.

Now check out their email exchange. Suh-nap.
The letter was just tweeted by journalist Ford Fischer.