Mayor Pete Smacks Down Racist Troll At Event [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Pete Buttigieg has been facing a great deal of scrutiny on racial matters lately due to the recent police shooting of a black man in his hometown, so as he talked to voters in Iowa, a man asked the mayor to tell African American community of South Bend to “stop committing crimes and doing drugs.”

The man was booed by the other event attendees, and Buttigieg responded “racism is not going to help us get out of this.”

The man insisted his proposal had “nothing to do with race,” yet Buttigieg drew applause when he continued to say “the fact that a black person is four times as likely as a white person to be incarcerated for the exact same crime is evidence of systemic racism.”

More from Politico:

“Mayor Pete, there has been some controversy in South Bend between the police and the black community, and I have a solution for you, and I’d like you to make a comment on my proposal,” a man who identified himself as Dave Bagley said.

“Just tell the black people of South Bend to stop committing crime and doing drugs.” Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, shook their heads as boos rang out from the crowd. “Sir, I think racism is not going to help us get out of this drama,” Buttigieg said. “No no, just stop committing crimes,” Begley pressed. “It has nothing to do with race.”

Buttigieg didn’t allow a follow-up question, and Begley spent the rest of the event looking at his phone. Begley said he was not a member of the Carroll County Democratic Party but he came to the event because he writes for the conservative Powerline blog and there would be a “full report on this.”