Iowa Hate Group Leader Endorses King’s Challenger

The Des Moines Register reports:

The president of The Family Leader, a prominent conservative Iowa organization, endorsed Rep. Steve King’s primary opponent Thursday.

Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO for the evangelical group, announced his support for Iowa Sen. Randy Feenstra in the 4th District Republican primary. Vander Plaats’ endorsement is personal and not on behalf of the organization.

Vander Plaats has been a long-time supporter of King, but his position changed after seeing the Kiron Republican’s comments in the New York Times on white nationalism and white supremacy.

Vander Platts earned national headlines in 2011 when he was accused of offering to sell his presidential endorsement. His early 2016 endorsement of Ted Cruz earned him the traditional reaction from Glorious Leader.

RELATED: As longtime JMG readers will know, I reported on Vander Platts and Family Leader many times during the battle for same-sex marriage. In one of their SCOTUS briefs, Family Leader argued that same-sex marriage will cause girls to become more promiscuous and boys to become more violent. Because reasons. Vander Platts has said that it’s better to die than live in a gay-friendly world and in 2014 linked LGBT rights to terrorism.