Ingraham: Trump Made An “Unforced Error” But He’d Tell You Got Go Back To Sweden If You Hate America

“Yes, the president made an unforced error, I would say that, and that tweet telling the women to go back to places from which they came––three of the four were born in America. But the idea that he’s hitting them because they’re people or women of color is absurd. Who doesn’t Trump hit? He was hitting Paul Ryan last week. He’s hitting them because their views in his mind and the mind of millions of Americans are insanely radical.

“I think the president would probably say that to anyone coming from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you come from, as I said, three out of the four women were born here, okay? So that’s the error. But I don’t take from that error ‘Trump’s a racist,’ because he would say that whether you came from Sweden and trashed the country, whether you came from France. He was just taking Paul Ryan to the woodshed last week.” – Laura Ingraham, last night.