Hate Group: Boycott Pro-LGBT Stores, Only Shop Where Owners Stay Out Of Politics By Playing Christian Music

In typically long money beg about boycotting pro-LGBT businesses, hate group leader Tony Perkins lobs this personal anecdote:

Living near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, my wife and I have done our homework on our shopping options. We often drive past a big-box retailer and visit a locally-owned grocery store.

It’s not just that the owner plays Christian music in the store. He actually supports local churches’ Vacation Bible School outreaches. Most of all, he is in business to sell goods, not use his position to wade into the social and political fray.

Maybe it costs us a few dollars more every trip, but it’s worth it. He’s invested in our community — and is supporting our values, not working against them.

It takes only a little research and action to make simple choices that matter. Two longtime allies of FRC, 2nd Vote and The Timothy Plan, offer useful and up-to-date research on this front.

The grocery store blares Christian music at their customers and donates publicly to Christian causes, but in Perkins’ logic-free mind, they’re staying out of the “political fray.” His followers will read this today and say, “Thank you, Jesus!”