Hate Group Asks For 1M Petition Signatures To Stop Disney’s Parks From “Celebrating The Gay Lifestyle”

Via press release:

Disneyland Paris just celebrated Disney’s first sponsored “Gay Pride Parade.” CitizenGO supporters started an opposition campaign that caught on like wildfire, and now inside sources at Disney have confirmed that Disney’s leadership is very worried about the global mobilization that CitizenGO is leading against their future Pride events.

So, let’s double down on the pressure. In just a couple of weeks, CitizenGO sent around 400,000 signatures to Disney. Now, I ask you to help us generate one million petition signatures (or more!) addressed to the Walt Disney Company President & CEO (Robert A. Iger) and the Disney Board of Directors. Please sign this petition to prevent the next gay pride parade and similar events from happening in any Disney park.

Disney may think it’s safe to pander to the loud voices of LGBT activists, but the company’s finances and stock value are built on the support of families. By signing this petition and encouraging others to sign, you send a clear message to the Disney company — stop promoting homosexuality or lose your good name … and our money. Warning: Disney parks are no longer family friendly!

Disney is flaunting its new partnership with the “LGBT” community. They recently hosted their very first gay pride parade at Disneyland Paris. This event was an expansion of a small party they promoted in the park last year and was the first outright parade celebrating the gay lifestyle.

The growth of gay pride events at Disney is not limited to its Paris location. At Universal Studios Hollywood, in Southern California, Disney is helping to organize the “Pride Is Universal” event. And Disney is supporting the expansion of “Gay Days,” which is held every August at Walt Disney World in Florida. This is a deceptive move by Disney to push the LGBT political agenda and expose children and families to lewd behavior.

The petition currently shows 223,847 signatures.

CitizenGO is an international group jointly founded in 2013 by anti-LGBT hate group leaders including NOM president Brian Brown, who sits on CitizenGO’s board.

Almost all of CitizenGO’s activity consists of petitions like this one, which actually function to harvest emails for future money begs.