Giuliani Appears On Fox With Dyed Hair & Eyebrows

Raw Story reports:

An appearance by former New York City mayor and Donald Trump defender Rudy Giuliani on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning was showered in mockery, not only over his ranting about the morning’s Robert Mueller congressional hearing but also his new — and considerably darker — hairstyle.

During his appearance, the president’s legal adviser attempted to undercut the special counsel before he spoke — by mocking the way he talks — and commenters on Twitter couldn’t get over Giuliani’s demeanor as well his looks.

Mediaite reports:

When the conversation turned to how Mueller chief of staff Aaron Zebley will give testimony alongside his boss, Giuliani took aim at Mueller’s “hands-off” handling of the investigation, saying “he kinda made an idiot out of himself.”

Giuliani went on from there by saying “Democrats are such idiots” by calling Mueller to testify with Zebley there to be his “mouthpiece.” He also made sure to mock Mueller with an unflattering impression, which was … weird. Our Fox & Friends hosts were flummoxed, to say the least.

Oh, and Giuliani also claimed that there was a international conspiracy to “frame” Donald Trump Jr. that started in 2015.