Fox News Contributor: How Do We Know AOC Isn’t Working For Sex Traffickers, Cartels, And Terrorists?

“We’re looking at someone who basically wants to give you the wish list for terrorists, the wish lists for criminal cartels and sex traffickers, and you have to wonder is she working for them or is she working for the American people? The American people, especially those constituents that she represents in New York City, want the border secure, where we already know, it’s not just desperate economic migrants from Latin America, we have seen people from terrorist countries come across, from hostile countries come across the border, from Africa, from the Middle East. This is — a national security issue.” – Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy.

RELATED: Campos-Duffy got her television start in 1994 as a cast member in the first season of MTV’s Real World. She has eight children with her husband, GOP House Rep. Sean Duffy, who opposes LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.