Fox Host: Never Forget That These Freshman Women Want “No More Cows, No More Cars, No More Planes”

“You can disagree with the president’s tweets, and you can say that he needs to be reined in, and he needs to be more presidential. You can look at these four ladies and say they need to remember that they just got there, that they need to respect the people that have been there for a long time.

“You can say, I don’t like how they were cussing at the president yesterday and saying cuss words there, how far they have come, and how — but if you look at issues, if you look at what the president is doing, you have to look at what they’re doing, what their messaging is.

“When you go to the polls, you have to vote on the issues. And these are their issues, these four freshmen women. They want the Green New Deal, no more oil, no more gas, no more cows, no more cars, no more planes.

“They want higher taxes, universal income, Medicare for all, and they want immigrants to have free insurance.” – Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt, on this morning’s show.

Earhardt last appeared on JMG when she declared that the media should report stories the way Trump wants them to if they don’t want to be called enemies of the people.