Former GOP Senate Candidate Forms Nutbag Coalition To Expose “Communist Affiliations” Of 2020 Democrats

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

A new group has formed under the leadership of E.W. Jackson (pictured), Bishop and former candidate for Lt. Governor and U.S. Senator in Virginia. Jackson’s Coalition includes Trevor Loudon, author, filmmaker and expert on communism and its strategies for infiltrating and weakening free societies, especially the United States of America.

He is author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within; Jerome Corsi, author of Why the Democrat Party Has Gone Communist; Diana West, author of The Red Thread; Nelson Velez, Chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Federation, who experienced communism first hand while living in Cuba.

The STAND Against Communism Coalition also includes Rev. Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz; and Lt. Col. (Ret.) and former Congressman Allen West. Trevor Loudon and other members of the coalition have done extensive research on presidential candidates and will be releasing new information to expose their communist ties and affiliations, and make voters aware of their cloaked attempts to subvert our Constitutional liberties.

We last heard from JFK-killer Rafael Cruz when he declared that the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling legalized marriage between two men and a horse.

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