Foreign Delegations, Lobbyists, And Special Interest Groups Lavish Business On Trump’s Washington Hotel

The Guardian reports:

On 25 July, the conservative Heartland Institute is slated to host a one-day meeting at the Trump International Hotel, just a few blocks from the White House. It will feature leading climate science deniers who will discuss issues like “the benefits of ending the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels”, according to the institute.

Last month, as Donald Trump was kicking off his 2020 campaign and boasting again of “draining the swamp” of Washington’s powerful lobbyists and elites, a couple of dozen oil and gas executives with the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance were checking into the president’s hotel before a day of schmoozing with Republican House leaders and cabinet officials.

Welcome to the Trump hotel’s lucrative influence-peddling swamp in the heart of Washington DC. Fossil fuel interests, pro-gun industry groups, conservative bigwigs, members of Congress, Trump’s 2020 campaign, foreign delegations and all manner of Trump allies flock to his landmark Washington DC hotel to cozy up to the administration, say watchdog groups, former Republican members of Congress and policy analysts.