Eric Trump Predicts Run On Banks If Trump Loses: You Might As Well Hide All Your Money Under The Mattress

Mediaite reports:

Eric Trump defended his father President Donald Trump on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, and while the full-throated defense of the controversy surrounding racist tweets from the weekend, a surprising thing happened: host Steve Doocy challenged his guest on the role that President Trump played in this, asking “was that appropriate?”

Trump is an avid consumer of cable news programming, and Doocy has long been considered Trump’s favorite personality on Fox & Friends (Trump’s favorite program) on Fox News (Trump’s favorite cable news outlet.) So even the smallest challenging of a member of the Trump family based on the actions of the Commander in Chief is noteworthy.

Eric Trump, of course, responds by saying he loves the “get out” tweets, going on to call House Democrats anti-Semitic. See the second clip below for his claim about the banks.