DOJ Tells Federal Court It Still Wants Census Question

CBS News reports:

The Justice Department signaled to a federal judge in Maryland Friday they’re still fighting to place the citizenship question on the census, something Mr. Trump has insisted he wants. The Justice Department, unsurprisingly, was unable to provide a different rationale for adding the question, as the Supreme Court has insisted is necessary to proceed.

U.S. District Judge George Hazel had given the Justice Department until 2 p.m. to explain what the administration intends to do, after Mr. Trump baffled even his own Justice Department lawyers when he tweeted his administration is still fighting to keep the question.

The Supreme Court ruled last week the question couldn’t move forward as-is, because the administration’s reason for adding the question was insufficient. The president told reporters Friday he’s “thinking about” issuing an executive order to ensure the question gets on the census, along with several other options.