Christian Activist: Diversity Is “Cultural AIDS” [VIDEO]

“There should be no Muslims in office in America. That’s the way that it was set up. Multiculturalism is cultural AIDS. If you’ve noticed – if you can’t open your eyes – I say Christians criticizing what Donald Trump said to those girls yesterday. ‘You don’t like the country, leave it!’ I saw Christians, evan-jellyfish Christians talk about how harsh Donald Trump was when in fact he was merely pushing back against evil!” – Christian activist Dave Daubenmire, literally screaming on his YouTube show.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Daubenmire says masturbation is “homo sex.” Daubenmire says homosexuality is like “smoking crack.” Daubenmire claims “big business” is secretly using fetal tissue in “food supplements, additives, sweeteners.” Daubenmire claims homosexuality is caused by vaccinations. Daubenmire declares that God killed the Las Vegas concertgoers for their sins. Daubenmire praises a fellow Christian activist’s call to publicly hang California Gov. Jerry Brown. Daubenmire declares that Satan caused the Pulse massacre so that Obama can grab everybody’s guns. Daubenmire’s adult son is convicted on child porn charges.