BREAKING: Britain’s Parliament Votes 383-73 To Extend Same-Sex Marriage To Northern Ireland [VIDEO]

The Guardian reports:

MPs have voted resoundingly to extend same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland, a plan the government has said it will honour despite ministerial doubts.

The Commons voted 383 to 73 to pass the amendment to a largely technical bill on the stalled Northern Ireland assembly, tabled by the Labour MP Conor McGinn [photo], a longstanding campaigner for equal marriage in Northern Ireland.

The second reading vote was a free vote for MPs, as it was viewed as a matter of conscience. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriage is not legal.

The BBC reports:

MPs have backed amendments which require the government to liberalise abortion and extend same-sex marriage to Northern Ireland if devolution is not restored. It was part of a Commons debate aimed at keeping NI running in the absence of devolved government.

Its main purpose is to extend the government’s legal power to delay a fresh Stormont election. MPs have tabled a series of other amendments.

They argue these issues should not be stalled due to the lack of devolution, which collapsed in January 2017.