Border Patrol Hangs Framed Photo Of Anti-Immigrant Fox Host Tomi Lahren In Washington DC Headquarters

Quartz reports:

A large, framed photo of far-right commentator Tomi Lahren posing with US Border Patrol officials hangs prominently on the wall of the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC. A person with access to the area described the setting and shared a picture of it with Quartz.

Lahren, a vocal supporter of US president Donald Trump, has called immigrants “shifty and adaptable,” and has claimed they are bringing disease to the US.

She regularly pushes alt-right conspiracy theories and believes an “invasion by foreigners” is “overwhelming” the country. She has also lashed out at Black Lives Matter, comparing the social justice movement to the Ku Klux Klan. She now hosts a talk show on the Fox Nation streaming service.