Whip List: 74 House Reps Currently Back Impeachment

Axios reports:

73 House Democrats and one House Republican now publicly support launching an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, according to an Axios analysis.

The whip count surged in the aftermath of Robert Mueller’s statement last week, and again after Trump told ABC News that he would consider accepting intelligence on opponents from foreign nationals. But even still, pro-impeachment Democrats still only amount to slightly over a quarter of the 235-member caucus.

That figure is likely to stay well below the threshold necessary to launch impeachment in the House until the moment — if it ever comes — that Speaker Nancy Pelosi gives her blessing. 15 of the 24 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee publicly support an impeachment inquiry. 21 are needed to refer an impeachment resolution to the House floor.

According to the above-linked analysis, no Democrat facing a tough reelection bid has yet come out for impeachment.