Unsealed Court Docs Reveal Hannity/Manafort Texts

Axios reports:

Court documents previously filed under seal with the government’s sentencing recommendations for Paul Manafort were made public on Friday. The documents include a months-long text exchange between Manafort and a “Sean” who appears to be Fox News host Sean Hannity.

In one March 2018 exchange, Manafort appears to offer a source to Hannity regarding a Russian-Ukrainian associate of his in Ukraine, Konstantin Kilimnik. “You should speak with Herritage on Kilimnik,” he wrote. “She has the info from others.”

It is not clear what, or who, “Herritage” refers to. Throughout the texts, Manafort and Hannity trade compliments, calling each other “bro” while repeatedly praising each other’s fortitude and TV skills, respectively.