Trump Rented Buses Across Florida To Pack Rally

The New York Times reports:

Despite weeks of hype from the president and his campaign, the official kickoff rally for a re-election campaign that he has been running since the day he took office was, in the end, just another rally. Mr. Trump had no new campaign message to unveil. He had no new theory of the case to mount against any of his potential opponents.

The Trump campaign rented buses across Florida to bring in supporters. The result was a packed 20,000-seat arena, with an overflow audience outside. The president’s aides pointed out that the numbers were a contrast with those of most Democrats in the field.

Numbers have been Mr. Trump’s calling card throughout his career, and his rallies in 2016 put him on the map as a contender in a packed Republican primary race. But the crowd began to thin out before Mr. Trump was finished speaking, leaving patches of blue seats in the sea of red caps.