Trump Has Now Accused People Of “Treason” 24 Times

Axios reports:

President Trump has accused people or entities of committing treason at least 24 times since he was elected, according to a Factbase record of his comments. His most recent target is the New York Times, which published a story on Saturday reporting that the U.S. is stepping up its online attacks on Russia’s power grid.

Treason is one of the most serious crimes an American can commit, and is punishable by death. The president freely using the term to attack his political enemies, without evidence, is not normal.

Trump has most frequently used “treason” or “treasonous” to describe the investigations into his campaign’s ties to Russia, which he has claimed are politically motivated. He has also used the term to attack Democrats for their policies on immigration and various media outlets for reporting on his administration.

Hit the link for an accounting of all 24 times, so far, that Trump has accused someone of treason.