Trump Claims War With Iran Wouldn’t “Last Very Long”

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump said Wednesday that a war with Iran would not “last very long” or involve ground troops, as he seemingly dismissed warnings that limited U.S. military action could spiral into a larger conflict. Trump reiterated his desire to avoid a war but said “we’re in a very strong position if something should happen.” “It wouldn’t last very long, I can tell you that,” he said.

“I’m not talking boots on the ground,” Trump added. “I’m not talking, we’re going to send a million soldiers. I’m just saying if something would happen, it wouldn’t last very long. I’ve been very nice to them,” he said. “They shot down our drone. I decided not to kill a lot of Iranians. I know a lot of Iranians. I like Iranians so much, and that plays into your decision, too.”