Southern Baptist Convention Votes To Expel Member Churches Accused Of Covering Up Sexual Abuse Cases

The Christian Post reports:

The Southern Baptist Convention overwhelmingly voted on Tuesday to expel churches accused of racial discrimination and mishandling cases of sexual abuse.

On the opening day of the largest protestant denomination’s annual meeting, held June 11-12 in Birmingham, Alabama, messengers — the delegates selected from SBC member churches to attend the meeting — cast their votes in favor of amendments to the SBC’s constitution to state that discrimination based on ethnicity and instances of sexual abuse would put a church’s membership in peril, deeming it to be “not in friendly cooperation” with the convention.

After the votes, Ronnie Floyd [photo], president of the SBC’s Executive Committee, told messengers, “I believe this is a very significant moment in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention. And I believe that every one of us needs to thank God for this moment.”

Earlier this year hundreds of SBC clergy members and officials were accused of committing or covering up sexual abuse. The above-linked story cites no specific churches that might be expelled.

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