South Carolina Dems Ban All Networks But MSNBC From Live Convention Airing, 21 Candidates To Speak

The Washington Examiner reports:

In a first, only one TV outlet — MSNBC — will be allowed to deliver live coverage of Saturday’s South Carolina Democratic Convention where 21 presidential candidates are expected to speak, drawing heated complaints from other networks.

C-SPAN, which has never been denied live coverage of a state convention in the network’s 40 years, has reluctantly pulled out of the convention and other weekend events sponsored by the party. CNN has filed a complaint. Fox will also be barred from providing live coverage to its viewers.

The decision by the South Carolina Democratic Party was a surprise to the outlets and came just yesterday, long after all three had begun to ready for live coverage of the nine-hour event, one of the biggest on the Democratic presidential calendar so far.

The banned networks may attend the convention but are even banned from posting live to their social media accounts.