Shit-Canned NRA Spox Dana Loesch: More People Think The Moon Landing Was Fake Than Want Gun Control

“What’s even nastier is how out of touch all of these candidates are with their own voters. There was a Gallup poll just last week, I’m sure you all saw it, that showcased the number one priority for Americans right now is illegal immigration. They think of that as a huge security issue. At the very bottom of that list, registering at just 0.5% of respondents was concerns for gun control.

In fact, Gallup even rounded it up so that it would be 1%. So let me put this even — in even more perspective for everyone. There are more people who think that 9/11 was an inside job than actually, according to the latest polling, want gun control. The Washington Post had a piece that showed more people believe the moon landing was fake than actually want gun control. These people are all fringe, these candidates.” – Shit-canned NRA TV host Dana Loesch, inventing polls for Fox & Friends.