Self-Proclaimed Christian Prophetess: God Told Me Trump Will Invade Venezuela If Colombia Does It Too

“We met with a roundtable of Latin American prophets a few days ago in Bogota and we have—all over the world—there are prophets that are meeting. Like, there’s one for Europe, one from Australia, one for Canada, these roundtables. As we were meeting with all these people, the Lord began to give us strategies about Venezuela.

“In other words, if the Colombian military went in with the U.S. military, I think that thing could fall like in a day or a few days. I mean, it wouldn’t be a long, drawn-out thing.

“So we need to pray for the president of Colombia, because Trump would go in.” – Self-proclaimed prophetess Cindy Jacobs, speaking Jim Bakker’s show. Jacobs goes to reveal that she has prayed for Argentina’s economy to collapse and therefore it’s totally happening.

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