Sarah Huckabee Sanders: My Going Away Party Isn’t The “Appropriate Venue” To Discuss My Years Of Lying

The Washington Post reports:

There were smiles, handshakes, hugs and photos as Sarah Sanders, the outgoing White House press secretary, hung out on Monday night with colleagues and journalists at a happy hour in a D.C. steakhouse.

Amid all the bonhomie, the Erik Wemple Blog attempted to sneak in some business questions for the woman who pretty much ended the tradition of daily White House press briefings.

ERIK WEMPLE BLOG: Are you helping out with choosing your successor? SANDERS: Hey, Erik, I’m just here to visit. I’m not going to do [inaudible]. ERIK WEMPLE BLOG: Do you feel you were honest with the media? SANDERS: Hey, Erik, I just don’t think this is the appropriate venue, but I appreciate you being here tonight.