Pastor Bad Wig: The Media Uses “Jezebel Witchcraft” To Make Minorities Believe Satan’s Evil Lies About Trump

“I think America is in a Jezebel witchcraft. There is a witchcraft veil over the minds and perception of the masses, perpetuated by the false prophecies coming through the media mountain. So there’s your prophets of Baal and they are speaking constantly lies.

“I think God raised you up to apostolically and prophetically break through—in the media realm—that veil. The false prophets are in the media and God has put a burden on you to be courageous. You have a sense of the future as very few people have and you’re a media titan yourself in the spirit realm. I think God has raised you up for us to be able to pierce the veil off of the minds of our people.

“The Latino and Hispanic community, if they are told the president is a racist by media, then it’s poisoning the well. This is what the devil does. The media will try to poison you about this man and if you don’t know him and you just believe that, it poisons the mind. So we’re taking the poison out. We’re literally healing culture.” – End Times nutbag Pastor Lance Wallnau, on the Jim Bakker show.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Wallnau claims the MAGAbomber was possessed by Satan to make Trump look bad. Wallnau claims the Charlottesville Nazis were “paid actors” because right wing white supremacists do not exist. Wallnau declares that God killed Antonin Scalia to “wake up America” on how much they needed Trump. Wallnau “takes authority” over Hurricane Maria in the name of Jesus, orders it not to hit Puerto Rico. Wallnau claims Hurricane Irma bypassed Mar-A-Lago because Trump is under God’s protection. Wallnau releases the “Jezebel spirit” on Robert Mueller. Wallnau prays to protect Trump from witches, jinxes, and demons that jump into dogs. Wallnau prays for God to “unleash his holy sword” and smite Trump’s enemies. Wallnau claims angels literally dusted his face with gold flakes as a reward for loving Trump. Wallnau prays away obstruction of justice charges against Trump in the name of Jesus. Wallnau claims a gay bar owner was “cured of homosexuality” after eating a slice of anointed cake.