NRA Subpoenas Its Own Ousted Leader Oliver North

The Daily Beast reports:

The National Rifle Association’s already-toxic legal fight has gotten nastier, somehow, as the powerful gun-rights group has subpoenaed its ex-president. Previously unreported court documents show the group served a subpoena on Oliver North late last month. It also subpoenaed Lance Olson and Daniel Boren, according to the documents; all three men are members of the NRA’s own board.

The subpoena asks for a number of documents from North: anything sent from April 10 to May 22 regarding people who work for the NRA’s longtime ad firm, Ackerman McQueen; any communications sent over the NRA’s contentious Indianapolis convention about CEO Wayne LaPierre or Ackerman McQueen; documents about the NRA’s expenditures; documents about North’s expenses; and communications about leaks.

There’s more at the link. Whee!