NRA Host: Suing Gunmakers Is “Tyrannical Persecution”

“It is an outrageous proposal, it is an anti-freedom proposal, and it is persecution. And in fact, I could also throw it onto the list of tyranny. Because when you use your government to persecute a group of people — whether it’s gun manufacturers, whether it’s you or me — that is tyrannical behavior and the only reason he does that is because he doesn’t believe in what they are producing or manufacturing, he doesn’t believe in what we are saying or supporting: the Second Amendment.

“So in the end, he [Rep. Eric Swalwell] wants lawsuit after lawsuit to pile up against these manufacturers, blaming them for crimes they have nothing to do with, to ultimately put them out of business so they can’t manufacture any more guns, so you can’t buy them, so ultimately they disappear after he buys them all back and the people who don’t sell them back are all thrown into prison. What a country. Is that what you want to live in? I don’t think so.” – NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield.