Meet The Extremist Behind The Straight Pride Parade

Will Sommer reports at the Daily Beast:

While the idea of a few dozen angry straight people marching might be funny, the actual origins of Straight Pride Parade are not. The event is a front for a far-right group founded by notorious right-wing brawler Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman.

Straight Pride organizer Mark Sahady announced the parade on Facebook, claiming he received permits for the event that would likely take place on August 31.

But Sahady isn’t just a particularly aggrieved straight dude. Instead, he has a long history participating in controversial right-wing events around Boston as an organizer for Resist Marxism, a group Chapman founded at the height of the fame he earned attacking left-wing anti-fascist activists with his eponymous “stick.”

The details above emerged on Twitter almost immediately after the event was announced.