LIVE VIDEO: “Death To Gays” Conference Day Two

Yesterday’s “death to gays” Christian conference, which is being held near Orlando in “celebration” of the Pulse massacre, ran live on YouTube for nearly four hours before it was finally taken down for hate speech violations.

The Friendly Atheist has some quotes from yesterday:

“If we can get the queers to go back into the closet, that’d be great. I mean, if we can get the government to actually do what it’s supposed to do and put them to death, that’d be amazing. They’ll kill you and it won’t bother them. They’ll molest your kids and it won’t bother them.

“They’ll go to bed with men, with women, with animals. They’ll do whatever and it won’t bother them. Why? Because their conscience is seared. If the government would put them to death, it would make America safe again. And here’s what we’re saying. When they die, we don’t feel bad about it. When they die, we don’t care!”

Another godly Christian pastor took the pulpit yesterday to say that he’d like to work for a suicide hotline so he can encourage transgender people to kill themselves.

Also speaking yesterday was Tennessee sheriff’s deputy Grayson Fritts, who is currently on paid sick leave after being exposed for a local sermon calling on the police to round up and execute homosexuals.

After yesterday’s live-stream was taken down, the pastors took to their various YouTube channels vowing to thwart such attempts today by moving the live-stream around to different channels. Their violent calls to murder LGBTs began running live again this morning. Let’s see how YouTube responds this time.

UPDATE: Embedding is blocked, watch at the link above.