LIVE VIDEO: “Death To Gays” Conference Day Three

Friday’s “death to gays” Christian conference, which is being held near Orlando in “celebration” of the Pulse massacre, ran live on YouTube for nearly four hours before it was finally taken down for hate speech violations.

Yesterday’s event was split over two YouTube channels in an attempt to dodge such bannings. Both of yesterday’s two-hour “death to gays” live-streams remain online at this writing despite the DM sent to me last night (see it below) by the @TeamYouTube verified account.

At least five separate pastors have appeared so far to call on the government to round up and execute LGBT Americans. One of these godly Christian pastors took the pulpit on Friday to say that he’d like to work for a suicide hotline so he can encourage transgender people to kill themselves.

Also speaking Friday was Tennessee sheriff’s deputy Grayson Fritts, who is currently on paid sick leave after being exposed for a local sermon calling on the police to round up and execute homosexuals.

Today’s live-stream has just begun. I’ve embedded it below but they’ve blocked playback on outside sites so you’d have to view it on YouTube.