LIVE VIDEO: “Death-To-Gays” Christian Conference

A group of the nation’s death-to-gays Christian pastors are holding a “Make America Straight Again” conference near Orlando to “celebrate” the Pulse massacre. And they’ve just begun live-streaming and taking on-air calls, most of which so far have been from “abusive gaytheists.” Heh.

The group’s leader is Arizona-based Pastor Steve Anderson, who has been banned from dozens of countries for his call to execute homosexuals.

Among the other death-to-gays Christian pastors slated to speak at the conference are Roger “Blow Their Brains Out” Jimenez, Bruce “Let God Burn Them Quickly” Mejia, and Tommy “Put Them Six Feet Under” McMurty.  

The moderators at the YouTube live-chat are banning people as fast as they can. That number to call is 480-465-1203.