Liberty Counsel: Taylor Swift Wants To Ban The Bible

Via press release from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Pop sensation Taylor Swift is all-in for the so-called “Equality Act.” This dangerous measure, which has already passed the House, would impose the LGBT agenda on every American, even those with conscience-based religious objections to LGBT conduct.

But Swift either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. The singer/songwriter launched a nationwide petition drive pushing the “Equality Act” and penned a personal letter to Sen. Lamar Alexander asking him to flip his position and support the bill.

This bill literally sets the stage for banning the Bible, which offers the power to free those wanting to turn away from homosexual conduct. Let me explain how: A central theme of the Bible is that the power of God changes hearts and lives.

Because of Christ, people can become a NEW creation and become free from the bondage of sin and suffering. This is a profound message of hope. Yet it is also exactly what the “Equality Act” seeks to silence.

The press release goes on to solicit donations to send US senators a fax denouncing the Equality Act as a “wrecking ball” that will destroy religious freedom. Yes, they’re really sending a fax. And they need money to do that.