Fox Blasts Competitors For Not Running Trump Rally: It Shows A Lack Of Class, Fundamentally Unfair [VIDEO]

“Fox News carried the whole thing live. MSNBC didn’t deign to cover a minute of President Trump kicking off his reelection campaign. And CNN took two to three minutes and then dumped out of it. And what I have to say about this is it’s just a lack of class.

“Now, I’m not saying that the cable networks have to cover every Trump rally, and it did turn into a highly partisan speech in Orlando last night. But this really is sort of networks playing into what Steve Bannon used to call acting like the opposition party.

“To just simply say we’d rather have our own pundits talking while the president is talking, spending the whole next day analyzing and picking apart what he said, rather than letting our viewers hear from the president as he asks for a second term or begins that process, just seems fundamentally unfair and raises questions about how they’re going to cover this entire campaign.” – Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz.