Former Sec. Of State Rex Tillerson Blasts Jared Kushner For Hijacking State Department Foreign Policy Decisions

The Daily Beast reports:

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claims the State Department was kept in the dark about key U.S. foreign-policy decisions during his time in the Trump administration because the president’s son-in-law had effectively set up his own shadow operation.

Jared Kushner was privately working on strategic partnerships with foreign countries and meeting discreetly with world leaders outside the formal structures of the U.S. government, according to Tillerson, who told the House Foreign Affairs Committee behind closed doors last month that he was left “angry” by one situation in particular.

Because Kushner at times went around Tillerson and his staff, the State Department was not able to efficiently manage U.S. diplomacy.

Oh yes, hit that link for MUCH more, included Tillerson elaborating on his complaint that Kushner hijacked State Department efforts.