Florida Haters That Bullied Library Into Canceling Teen Pride Prom To Protest Against Drag Queen Story Hour

Via press release from Christian Newswire:

Earlier this week Biblical Concepts Ministries worked with members of the Jacksonville City Council to help cancel a teen pride prom featuring Drag Queen entertainment at a Jacksonville Public Library.

We still need help standing up against the radical LGBT activists in Jacksonville stealing the hearts and minds of our children through their indoctrination and recruitment program known as Drag Queen Story Hour. They are hosting a multi-hour Drag Queen Story Hour Pride Event, This Saturday at the Museum of Science & History.

Meet in the public park at the flag polls next to MOSH and in front of Friendship Fountain. There is a public parking lot across from Mosh. Come to pray, sing, and march for the safety of our children. Signs will be provided and homemade signs are welcome (no inappropriate or foul language). Visit our Facebook event page.

The purpose of this event is to pray for our city, the safety of our children, and for our elected officials. We are praying for and publicly calling on the city to stop the inappropriate use of city related or taxpayer funded facilities and childrens attractions such as libraries and museums from inappropriate and predatory sexual exploitation and recruitment of children.