Conway Gaslights Trump’s Record On LGBT Rights

The Washington Examiner reports:

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway touted President Trump’s record on gay rights today, telling journalists Trump was the first president to take office as a supporter of legal same-sex marriage. The tweets are an evolution away from Trump’s arms-length approach to gay pride month during his first two years in office, when Trump abandoned Obama’s formal proclamations and avoided public comment.

Conway avoided commenting on Trump’s reimposition of a military ban on transgender members, but she said that Trump feels strongly about decriminalizing homosexuality and that “it is something we discussed publicly and privately over a number of years.” “It is just a disgrace what happens to people based on their sexual orientation, particularly around the globe. Including countries where, by the way, a lot of media companies film their movies,” Conway said.

The Washington Blade reports:

Referencing remarks Trump made in 2016 that he’s “fine” with the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling for same-sex marriage and considers the issue “settled” as a legal matter, Conway also invoked the claim made in LGBT conservative circles that Trump supports marriage equality.

“Look, I’m old enough to remember the 2008 campaign where Hillary and Obama were arguing with each other as to who was more for traditional marriage,” Conway said. “It wasn’t so long ago. He’s the first president to start as president for approving of gay marriage. That’s something that he should be lauded for in history.”