Christian Activist: Homosexuality Is Like Smoking Crack

“Homosexuality is fruitless, it’s fruitless. There is nothing that comes from the homosexual orgasm. Nothing. No fruit. I believe when homosexuals have homo sex for the first time, it’s like smoking crack. I think that something spiritually enters into them that they can’t break lose from any easier that they could from crack cocaine. It takes almost a miraculous intervention of God in order to break through that. And it’s mind control and it’s beyond that, it’s demonic.” – Christian activist Dave “Coach” Daubenmire.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG:  Daubenmire claims “big business” is secretly using fetal tissue in “food supplements, additives, sweeteners.” Daubenmire claims homosexuality is caused by vaccinations. Daubenmire declares that God killed the Las Vegas concertgoers for their sins. Daubenmire praises a fellow Christian activist’s call to publicly hang California Gov. Jerry Brown. Daubenmire declares that Satan caused the Pulse massacre so that Obama can grab everybody’s guns. Daubenmire’s adult son is convicted on child porn charges.